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Plagiarism Detector Originality Reports

Plagiarism Detector produces Originality reports. These reports show the Plagiarism Distribution (if any) detected within the checked document.

1. The first thing to know about Originality Reports Color Markup:

Every color represents its own source type:

Plagiarism Detector Color Markup

1. Sample Plagiarism Detector Originality Reports:

- Hey, I need to see Plagiarism Detector sample Reports Fast!

-Here you go:

Plagiarism Detector Internet Search
Internet Search Sample Reports:
[these reports are generated by PD only]
Functional Description:
Click here to view the Report:
1_Essay.doc 100% plagiarism from wikipedia [view the Originality Report]
2_Essay.doc Same document, but with references [view the Originality Report]
3_Thesis.doc Complex report [view the Originality Report]

Database Search Sample Reports:
[these reports are generated by PDAS and PD]
Document Title:
Functional Description:
Click here to view the Report:
3_Essay.doc 100% plagiarism from Doc. ID 23 [view the Originality Report]
4_Essay.doc 32% plagiarism drom Doc. ID 23,99,15 [view the Originality Report]
5_Thesis.doc 0% Plagiarism [view the Originality Report]

3. Plagiarism Detector Originality Report Structure:

Any Plagiarism Detector Originality Report has the following structure:

  Plagiarism Detector 1 Section  
  • Originality Report GenerationTime and Date
  • Checked Document Name (File Title)
  • Checked Document Location
  • Checked Document Words Coun
  • Search Engines Queries Sent Count
  • Document Author [if applicable]
  Plagiarism Detector 2 Section  
  • A special Chart that shows the relations of different parts of the checked document. It shows the relative amount of Plagiarized part to the Original part of the document and Referenced part if any. Original Part is marked in Green, Plagiarized part in Red, and Referenced Part is in Blue.
  Plagiarism Detector 3 Section  
  • Wikipedia Detection flag - shows if Wikipedia was detected as one of the sources
  • Google Books flag - shows if Google Books were detected as one of the sources
  • Ghostwriting Services - shows if any of them detected
  • Counter Anti-Cheating - is any tricks detected that were made in order to disguise plagiarism
  Plagiarism Detector 4 Section  
  • Autoanalysis Section contains a short answer to th quiestion "How much Plagiarism is there in the Document, if any?"
  Plagiarism Detector 5 Section  
  • This is the list of 3 sources that contain most of plagiarism, that is - sources that contain a substantial amounts of shared text and have not been referenced in the original document. There is a link below to the complete list of all found sources.
  Plagiarism Detector 6 Section  
  • This is teh list of Top 3 references found. The complete list of all reference is accessible via teh link below.
  Plagiarism Detector 7 Section  
  • This section contains the Origianl Document Text body alongside with Color Markup and Sources detected, both Plagiarized and Referenced.

3. Plagiarism Detector Reports Loaction:

All Plagiarism Detector Reports are stored in:

Windows XP: "MyDocuments\Plagiarism Detector Reports" folder.

Windows7: "Documents" folder [ more detailed info ].

You can access them via Windows Explorer or by clicking "Show Reports" button in Plagiarism Detector.

4. Plagiarism Detector Reports File Structure:

Every Originality Report is a sinlge file named by the following convention: [originality report 23.6.2014 16-10-13 - 2.txt.html], in this example the title of the original document is "2.txt".

To open an Originality Report you need to access the containing folder and find the Originality Report HTML File.

You can easily view any Originality Report by opening it with your default browser or Advanced Report Viewer.

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