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What is Plagiarism Detector?


What is Plagiarism Detector actually?

Plagiarism Detector is a Microsoft Windows (XP, Window Vista, Window7) desktop application to check sets of documents against the following search engines databases trying to locate the possible sources and define the exact amount of shared information.

  Search engine name: Search engine address: Wiki page:
Google [ detailed information ]
Yahoo [ detailed information ]

Plagiarism Detector's main task is the automated detection of digital plagiarism (that is unauthorized copy-paste of textual material) that originated from the world wide web. It was designed to use the biggest digital publicly open database in the world - that of the search engines.

Putting it short: Plagiarism Detector is a copy-paste killer software.


How does Plagiarism Detector work?

  In a simple and easy to understand table the Plagiarism Detection algorithm looks like this:  
  In reality Plagiarism Detection is a complicated process that requires a lot of things to be solved. Some of them are rather trivial, some require a sophisticated algorithms and empirical rules to be applied in order to make plagiarism detection efficient.  

What makes Plagiarism Detector so Effective?


Unlike the other on-line plagiarism detection services Plagiarism Detector is a desktop application that gives it unique features. It can utilize more processing power per client and to send a lot more requests to a search engine. because there exists no strict limit to system resources. Plagiarism Detector heavily exploits CPU power (up to 100% load) during the text comparison and Internet bandwidth usage for massive query generation and external source download. Plagiarism Detector outperforms any other plagiarism checker just because it works more - its text comparison algorithm has no matches.

You can view more information on Plagiarism Detector at our forum thread: [system resources usage].

The following document formats are supported as input:

  • Microsoft Word: *.doc, *.docx
  • Portable Format Documents: *.pdf
  • Rich Text Documents: *.rtf
  • Internet pages: *.html, *.htm, *.php etc.
  • Microsoft Powerpoint Presentations: *.ppt, *.pptx
  • Plaintext files: *.txt

To Plagiarism Detector usage is really simple:

The whole of an average document that consists of 3-4 pages takes up to 1-2 minutes. Plagiarism detection reports are generated immediately.

As its output Plagiarism Detector produces HTML and Javascript based Reports. To get more clear view please visit a special page that covers Plagiarism Detector Reports: [Plagiarism Detector Reports]

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