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Title: PDC core versions 888-889 - major update
Post by: Alexei B. on September 24, 2015, 03:43:16 PM
Plagiarism Detector major update with core version 888:


01. Added check type selection window to the Step-by-Step Wizard. More details here:,337 (,337).
02. Added failed resources notification. More details here:,48.0.html (,48.0.html)
03. New T-comparator is now used for comparing documents. It is more precise, yet creates more load on CPU and memory. Due to this change, results from previous versions can differ from current results.
04. Changed license information text on the mains screen to avoid misunderstanding

1. Fixed an issue, resulting from third-party changes, that made previous versions returning "no plagiarism" results for most document. Force-updating from previous versions due to this fix.

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