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So I just downloaded and installed Core Version 874 on Windows 7 - Pro License.

I ran the search and immediately hit over 20 timeouted resources count and my system went ape-sh^t.  Also under settings I cannot make any adjustments to the configuration to the T-Comparator Config.

I don't know if this version is buggy but I have uninstalled completely and reinstalled to no avail.  I had 849 before and it worked well, but now I cannot reinstall it because I have since deleted the install file.


I am a pro license holder... something happened to my version and I had to uninstall it and want to reinstall on the same PC, but where should I go to do that?

I was sent a link once but when I downloaded it, it appears to be a more recent version than the major release version... could be a beta.

I just need to get my system up and running again.  HELP!


I just purchased a pro license of this tool, but am having issues.  I am trying to compare a document against a rather large directory of other word documents.  The system locks up every time.  I need to know what the directory size limits are?  ie how many documents can this system compare a document against?  1000 files, 5000 files, 50,000 files???


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