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Hi forum & team,

I need to compare two documents side by side, and get a report showing similarities (including MOVED text!) like here:

[link removed]

Now the questions are:
  • Does 2TextsCompare not exist anymore?
  • Has 2TextsCompare been replaced by Plagiarism Detector, including ALL of the features of 2TextsCompare?
  • If yes, why can I not get a grapical report like the one shown above from the trial version of Plagiarism Detector?
  • If this is a trial limitation I must say that the trial limitations are pathetic. 600 words is NOTHING in order to test a plagiarism software.
  • So will I have to buy Plagiarism Detector in order to get the side-by-side comparison of two documents that I need?
Thanks very much already for fast help.

Regards David.P

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