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Thank you but it still does not address my problem. I bought two copies of the software and both are now useless to use in checking student assignments. The reason fore this is that I cannot understand the results as it shows high plagiarism where there is little or none. I tested it by passing through old assignments that had been tested on the older version. It now indicates a higher level of plagiarism than before but when I look at the comparison report, it does not indicate that high level.

Either bring back the old method of being able to adjust the T-camparator parameters or post a detailed explanation of how things work now and on how to adjust any settings. PD is now useless to me and I am investigating other software. I have also stopped recommending it to other lecturers.

Please do something to restore PD's integrity...

I cannot set the sensitivity level in the T-Comparator config settings. This was a powerful feature in the earlier version and one which I used heavily. Please advise how I can set the sensitivity. The prior versions allowed me to do this. For example I could set the sensitivity to 50%. This version defaults to Exactness or something. Very confusing!! Even worse is that I was forced to download the latest version as PD would not start if I did not download the latest.
Please advise urgently!!

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