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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions / My Documents Access Failed
« on: November 10, 2013, 01:38:06 PM »
For some reasons Plagiarism Detector cannot get access to the user's My Documents folder to store reports. The reports folder was moved to the Temp folder and can be found there.

"Silver Bullets" / Re: RDP session and Plagiarism Detector
« on: November 02, 2013, 04:30:12 PM »
Alternative way:

1. Run the software.
2. Go to Settings - Application defaults - Open Main Configuration File
3. Find the following parameter: <b_IgnoreSessionChange>false</b_IgnoreSessionChange>
4. Change it to <b_IgnoreSessionChange>true</b_IgnoreSessionChange>

If you don't have this parameter - try pressing Restore Default Config and opening the file again, or adding it manually.

5. Close the software WITHOUT saving changes to the file! Make sure the software is closed, not minimized to tray.
6. Save the file.
7. Start the software again.

Interesting fact: increased sensitivity for re-written plagiarism has a negative result for exact sciences texts (having big amount of formulas), resulting in false-positive results.
If you face this problem - please contact our support.

"Silver Bullets" / Re: References
« on: September 20, 2013, 07:04:48 PM »
Depending on the settings of the Plagiarism Detector Step-by-step Wizard "Referenced" may refer to:
- Text taken from any sources that are explicitly mentioned in the document by the means of their URLs. This is a called "Detect URL References".
- Any text between quotation marks. This is "Mark quoted text as referenced" setting.

All referenced text is marked blue in the report and on all charts.

Versions - Release History / Old "good" versions
« on: September 18, 2013, 01:20:53 AM »
As of now we have to remove access to old versions of the program, since they no longer operate correctly due to changes in the search engine replies.

It means it fixes some problems with the "little plagiarism found" that were reported for the previous version.
So be sure: No Plagiarism Would Escape!

Yes we do.
This means - the more copies you purchase - the less you pay for a single copy.
To see available discounts click "Volume Discounts Available"  link.
You will see the following page:

Feel free to contact our sales department for additional information:

Several times we have been asked, what is the maximum % of Plagiarism in a document we would see as acceptable. But the fact is we leave this question for our users to decide upon and we have never before gathered any feedback about it.

When using Plagiarism Detector, you can set some % threshold to get all the reports with more Plagiarism to be highlighted. This poll is to for us and other users to come to know, what threshold do you set?

Your comments are welcome.


Users' documents don't leave computers.
I can assure you  that absolutely notning from your documents is stored at our server.
There is NO (even theoretical) opportunity to get the analysed texts.


To get another trial period, please do the following:

1. Run Plagiarism Detector
2. Open Registration screen (it is likely to open itself)
3. Open the License information tab
4. Click on the Plimus logo on top. You will see a new text field appear with a text like "Computer id: 121321321"
5. Copy this line and forward it to .

We provide extended trial licenses for Institutions interested in our softare.
For more information about this option, please contact us at
If you need any special trial period - please email us your suggestion.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions / Can I become an Affiliate?
« on: August 29, 2013, 03:03:07 PM »
Yes, you can!
We are working in cooperation with This is our main payment processor.
If you would like to start selling our product via your own affiliation program - you need to
register at Plimus and follow their standard affiliation system.
You will find Plimus affiliate FAQ most helpful:
We will be happy to launch any co-project with you that will be financially beneficial!
We are open to all your suggestions!
Feel free to contact our support service if you have any questions as for the affiliation
system details or any other issue:

What happens if you buy a new computer (to replace your old computer)? Do you have to buy a new license to be able to use your old Plagiarism-Detector software on your new computer (even if you are no longer using your old computer)?
I have re-installed OS and the software won't accept license information!

That is the reason why support service is here.
1. Contact our support service at .
2. Provide your order details (Order Reference Number)
3. We will surely provide you with a working Registration code for your new computer.
That is all

You need to have a separate License for every Computer you want to run it on.
1 Plagiarism-Detector = 1 Computer

Purchasing Pro license actually gives you separate licenses, thus

1 PD Pro = 2  Plagiarism Detectors = 2 Computer

And purchasing Plagiarism Detector Portable gives you

1 PD Portable = 1 Plagiarism Detector to install at your PC + 1 PD Portable to install to your USB/Flash drive, so you can use it anywhere

This is covered by the Product EULA. You may find it here:
Copy protection will not allow you to run the application on any other machine than the Computer that provided the Hardware Fingerprint Code.
In case you are considering to purchase more than 1 License - we provide considerable discounts.
Please contact our Sales Department at:

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