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You need to have a separate License for every Computer you want to run it on.
1 Plagiarism-Detector = 1 Computer

Purchasing Pro license actually gives you separate licenses, thus

1 PD Pro = 2  Plagiarism Detectors = 2 Computer

And purchasing Plagiarism Detector Portable gives you

1 PD Portable = 1 Plagiarism Detector to install at your PC + 1 PD Portable to install to your USB/Flash drive, so you can use it anywhere

This is covered by the Product EULA. You may find it here:
Copy protection will not allow you to run the application on any other machine than the Computer that provided the Hardware Fingerprint Code.
In case you are considering to purchase more than 1 License - we provide considerable discounts.
Please contact our Sales Department at:

You may use the application forever.
All future updates are free, including new versions.
In case search engines change their algorithm we modify our application and release immediate update.
Thus we protect our clients from "the application suddenly stopped working" situation .
This is a single time purchase.
No hidden fees.
That's all.

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