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"Plagiarism Detector" general discussion / Re: about p.detector purchasing
« Last post by Alexei B. on April 27, 2015, 10:45:43 AM »
The type of the license is mention in the purchase notification e-mail.
In the program you can see the type of your license in the right middle of the screen.
"Plagiarism Detector" general discussion / about p.detector purchasing
« Last post by argan on April 24, 2015, 02:12:51 AM »
Hello there, I have just bought licence key for 29$ which pack do i have now ? is that personal license or lite license?

im waiting for your quick reply,

"Plagiarism Detector" general discussion / Re: self sitation
« Last post by Alexei B. on March 27, 2015, 11:44:30 AM »
You have to use the "Active URL references" feature.
The paper published before is to be available in the Internet.
First you need to add the exact URL of the published paper to the body of your document. Pay attention: not the "notes" in the doc/x documents, as only the main text is extracted.

Second, start the program and follow the wizard up to the last screen.
Enable Detect "URL" references option.

Check your document.

If everything is done right - all the text, available at the link present in the document, will be considered "referenced" and marked blue.

I hope it helps.
"Plagiarism Detector" general discussion / self sitation
« Last post by jpande on March 27, 2015, 08:06:49 AM »
I have submitted one thesis in a University which have 20% tolerance. I have published one paper, which is detected at a plagiarism source in the thesis. How to take care of this problem?

Please suggest.
Pro license can be activated at two different computers with the same code.

So, you have 1 code, and you can use it twice.

When you need to re-initialize any of your licenses (new PC, for example), then you need to contact our support service, mentioning your license code.

I hope it helps.
how to use this plagiarism detector software (plagiarism pro) in 2 systems

"Silver Bullets" / Re: Avoiding "Resource Processing Timeouts" error.
« Last post by Alexei B. on September 26, 2014, 12:46:10 AM »
It has come to our attention, that in some cases users are displeased with the search efficiency of the software, when the problem is actually the Internet access speed. Starting with version 852 we will be adding some additional features to make this problem more vivid and understandable.

First: all reports with the number of failed resources higher then the threshold (20% at present) will have the "Failed resources" cell colored Red:

More then that - every time a mouse goes over such a report - the hole line will be covered red, to make sure you see it, even on small screens.

Second: when opening such a report a special message box will appear, telling about the problem and leading to this topic.

Now, back to the problem itself:

Q. What can be the problem?
A. During the second stage of the check, Plagiarism Detector downloads a lot of possible resources for a detailed analysis. This creates a significant load on the Internet connection, and if the bandwidth is not enough - some resources are failed.

Q. Why is that a problem?
A. If none of the sources of plagiarism was downloaded - then it will not be detected. The impact of this problem differs between documents, but it can lead to a very poor detection.

Q. How can I know the number of failed resources for my report?
A. There is a "Rs Failed" column in the Available reports list showing it. Nearby columns show also the total number and the number of "OK" resources. A report also has this counters right between the chart and graph.

Q. I have 5 resources failed! Is that a problem?
A. Not necessarily. Almost all reports show some failed resources, for example when the site is not available at the moment. It only becomes a problem when there are a lot of such fails in comparison with the overall number of resources.

Q. Can I get to know more about the failed resources?
A. Yes. Press "Toggle other sources" in the report. Failed resources are there in the beginning of the list. Here is the list of possible error code:,27.0.html For the problem in question that is usually "Timouted".

Q. What can be done about it?
A. Please refer to the first message in this topic (in the end of it).

We hope it will help to make your work with our software even better!
I'm sorry for a delayed reply.

Indeed, 2TC features are now added to Plagiarism Detector.
Additionally, you can use it to check against a folder, not a single file.
You can have a two-tabs comparison by pressing on the "resource" in the report generated (for example, that one after the detected fragment).
There is no ability to adjust the plagiarism threshold on the fly now. I will poke our RnD about this.
Usual 600-word Demo limitation is active for such a check. You can contact us for an extended Demo without this limitation, if you like. You can still get a side-by-side comparison in the report.
We understand that the usual limitation of 600 words can be a hard one, we may re-consider it. But we also have some serious reasons for it.

Please send an e-mail to our support for an extended Demo before you buy it.
"Plagiarism Detector" general discussion / Compare two documents side by side
« Last post by David.P on July 08, 2014, 12:39:21 PM »
Hi forum & team,

I need to compare two documents side by side, and get a report showing similarities (including MOVED text!) like here:

[link removed]

Now the questions are:
  • Does 2TextsCompare not exist anymore?
  • Has 2TextsCompare been replaced by Plagiarism Detector, including ALL of the features of 2TextsCompare?
  • If yes, why can I not get a grapical report like the one shown above from the trial version of Plagiarism Detector?
  • If this is a trial limitation I must say that the trial limitations are pathetic. 600 words is NOTHING in order to test a plagiarism software.
  • So will I have to buy Plagiarism Detector in order to get the side-by-side comparison of two documents that I need?
Thanks very much already for fast help.

Regards David.P
"Silver Bullets" / Remote Assistance via Chrome Remote Desktop addin
« Last post by Mike Sanders on June 26, 2014, 10:00:24 PM »
We will gladly assist you via Chrome Remote Desktop Assistance.

To use our help you need to:

1. Download and install latest version of Google Chrome.
2. Download and install Google Chrome Remote Desktop addin:

3. Follow the steps during the installation process and finally choose: "Share computer" option.
You will be prompted security code that you need to email\somehow send us.
4. Our expert logs in to your computer and tries to resolve your problem.
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