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The latest version uses a different detection algorithm, with this setting no longer available - to change the mode of detection we now need to alter not just one thing. This algorithm is much better in general, so we moved to it.

In this version we keep two possible settings: for re-written and for word-to-word Plagiarism. I will soon post a detailed explanation as to these, but in general: re-written is close to "maximum detection" on the previous scale, "word-to-word" - maximum exactness. These settings are results to extensive tests on big collections of Plagiarized  pieces and provided best results we could reach in the recent years.

We are sorry to hear this was so important to you and I will ask our RnD about the possibility to return some manual settings in future.

Force updating to the current version was needed due to some changes on the third side, that made previous version worthless.

P.S. Any other users in need of the manual settings - please inform us either in this topic, or e-mail to our support. The more people need it - the more urgent will be the task.
"Plagiarism Detector" - Bugs\Errors\Crashes / T-Comparator config in version 885
« Last post by dncom on August 14, 2015, 01:28:13 PM »
I cannot set the sensitivity level in the T-Comparator config settings. This was a powerful feature in the earlier version and one which I used heavily. Please advise how I can set the sensitivity. The prior versions allowed me to do this. For example I could set the sensitivity to 50%. This version defaults to Exactness or something. Very confusing!! Even worse is that I was forced to download the latest version as PD would not start if I did not download the latest.
Please advise urgently!!
Versions before 874 have a problem with occasional license loss, somehow connected with USB-storages used. If you need to have your license re-initialized - please send us an e-mail, mentioning your license number.
"Plagiarism Detector" general discussion / Re: Downloading current version...
« Last post by Alexei B. on June 10, 2015, 11:58:24 AM »
We switched back from v874 to v849(850 is almost similar) due to a negative feedback.

When you need your license re-initialized (new OS/PC) - please send us an e-mail, mentioning your license code.
I'm sorry for a much delayed reply.

Version 874 and later versions will have a special notification for a significant number of timeouted resources. It turned out, that many users, having poor Internet connection speeds didn't pay attention to this number, so we made it vivid. So we made this message.

Please take a look at this topic to know more about avoiding this problem:,48.0.html

Version 874 uses a different check algorithm and does not have detailed settings so far.

Anyway, version 849 is back on our site, due to all these problems.
i think that i have just resolved my problem myself

prolly, developers revealed new version of the software and licence keys have been upgraded together with the program
i upgraded my program and it works fine now.

I bought a licence key 10 days ago for 29$ it was working very well till today.
Something happened and it rolled back to the demo version.
I already got a licence key when i enter that key it does not work anymore.

Please help me asap.
So I just downloaded and installed Core Version 874 on Windows 7 - Pro License.

I ran the search and immediately hit over 20 timeouted resources count and my system went ape-sh^t.  Also under settings I cannot make any adjustments to the configuration to the T-Comparator Config.

I don't know if this version is buggy but I have uninstalled completely and reinstalled to no avail.  I had 849 before and it worked well, but now I cannot reinstall it because I have since deleted the install file.

"Plagiarism Detector" general discussion / Downloading current version...
« Last post by fredw1970 on April 27, 2015, 09:57:53 PM »
I am a pro license holder... something happened to my version and I had to uninstall it and want to reinstall on the same PC, but where should I go to do that?

I was sent a link once but when I downloaded it, it appears to be a more recent version than the major release version... could be a beta.

I just need to get my system up and running again.  HELP!

"Plagiarism Detector" general discussion / Re: about p.detector purchasing
« Last post by Alexei B. on April 27, 2015, 10:45:43 AM »
The type of the license is mention in the purchase notification e-mail.
In the program you can see the type of your license in the right middle of the screen.
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