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Started by David.P, July 08, 2014, 09:39:21 AM

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Hi forum & team,

I need to compare two documents side by side, and get a report showing similarities (including MOVED text!) like here:

[link removed]

Now the questions are:

  • Does 2TextsCompare not exist anymore?
  • Has 2TextsCompare been replaced by Plagiarism Detector, including ALL of the features of 2TextsCompare?
  • If yes, why can I not get a grapical report like the one shown above from the trial version of Plagiarism Detector?
  • If this is a trial limitation I must say that the trial limitations are pathetic. 600 words is NOTHING in order to test a plagiarism software.
  • So will I have to buy Plagiarism Detector in order to get the side-by-side comparison of two documents that I need?
Thanks very much already for fast help.

Regards David.P

Alexei B.

I'm sorry for a delayed reply.

Indeed, 2TC features are now added to Plagiarism Detector.
Additionally, you can use it to check against a folder, not a single file.
You can have a two-tabs comparison by pressing on the "resource" in the report generated (for example, that one after the detected fragment).
There is no ability to adjust the plagiarism threshold on the fly now. I will poke our RnD about this.
Usual 600-word Demo limitation is active for such a check. You can contact us for an extended Demo without this limitation, if you like. You can still get a side-by-side comparison in the report.
We understand that the usual limitation of 600 words can be a hard one, we may re-consider it. But we also have some serious reasons for it.

Please send an e-mail to our support for an extended Demo before you buy it.


Describe los pasos muy detallados fuera de línea.

Alexei B.

Quote from: Arnuguls on September 05, 2018, 08:47:45 AM
Describe los pasos muy detallados fuera de línea.
Run Plagiarism Detector
In the Step-By-Step Wizard on the last page select the "Compare to a Single document" option.
Select the document you would lke to compare to.
Start check.