Notron Antivirus and PD setup package

Started by Alexei B., September 02, 2015, 11:41:27 AM

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Alexei B.

We are aware of the false-positive Norton alert about the setup-file (at the time of posting, v885).

You are most likely to see the WS.Reputation.1 as the alert reason. It looks like Norton react to our file, as we have released a new version and their anti-virus software is not "familiar" with it.

You can read more on the problem here:

There should be an option to remove the file from Quarantine, which would allow you to use it.

We are sure the install package for our software does not have any virus inside, as the online-service confirms:

We see it possible later setups can also be falsely detected, so client are encouraged to use VirusTotal for checks.

We hope it helps.


I agree with you very much. I want to talk and exchange ideas.

Alexei B.

Again Norton detects latest version as "WS.Reputation.1".
Submitted false-positive report to them. should be working fine in a few days.