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Resources Error Codes

Started by Mike Sanders, September 14, 2013, 09:34:48 AM

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Mike Sanders

[relates to core v. 790 and up:]

Here you can find info what to do if resource loading failed for some reason.
  • Define the exact error code.
  • See below for a possible workaround.
  • Try it out.
  • Contact us if you experience any issues.
Plagiarism Detector Client has the following resource processing error codes:

explanation: not able to diagnose the exact cause - attach the problematic Originality Report and mail us.
possible workaround: contact us, send files for us to investigate.

explanation: not able to read\write to intermediary disk cache.
possible workaround: check if you are under Admin.

Timeouted (operation timeouted)
explanation: the program was not able to process this resource within the resource processing timeout.
possible workaround: increase resource processing timeout value in settings.

explanation: the processed resource exceeds the maximum allowed size.
possible workaround: increase maximum allowed resource size in settings.

explanation: plagiarism detector was not able to correctly parse the resource url.
possible workaround: --

explanation: the resource is probably down (website is offline) - not working.
possible workarounds:
a) retry
b) try to access the resource later
c) check if you could reach it with the default browser

explanation: text extraction subsystem failed to extract plaintext from the specified resource.
possible workaround: try to manually use a different text extraction engine for the specified resource.

explanation: Plagiarism Detector has failed to connect to the intermediary proxy.
possible workaround: check proxy settings.

explanation: During a Local check this file was missing for the File System.
possible workaround: Make sure the file is in place and can be opened. Then re-run the check.

explanation: the web server containing the resource replies with an unsupported Content-Type.
possible workaround: --

Supported content-types are:

text/plain for: ".txt"
text/xml for: ".txt"
text/richtext for: ".rtf"
application/msword for: ".doc"
application/pdf for: ".pdf"
application/rtf for: ".rtf"
application/ for: ".ppt"
application/x-latex for: ".tex"
application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.wordprocessingml.document for: ".docx"
application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.presentationml.presentation for: ".pptx"

explanation: the web server containing the resource replies zero Content-Type (see above.).
possible workaround: please email us the exat URL form the Originality Report.

explanation: the resource points not to the web page, but to a separate file. Plagiarism detector was not able to correctly download and parse this file.
possible workaround: try to manually use a different text extraction engine for the specified resource.
Plagiarism Detector is a swiss army knife.

Alexei B.

New information added to the report for failed resources:
1. Browser error message now displayed.
Resource Download Failed. Means that the resource was not downloaded and thus was not analyzed.

Get Response Failed. Means the resource was not downloaded because the site had not provided the response to the request.