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Correct Encoding Detection
« on: September 15, 2013, 04:07:11 PM »
    Plagiarism Detector tries to correctly detect and use the correct encoding for every loaded document.

    But sometimes it may detect wrong encoding.
    It will look like this (either "lots of question marks" or "lots of unreadable symbols") in the Originality Report:

To avoid this situation you need to tell Plagiarism Detector which encoding to use.

To do this:

  • Start Plagiarism Detector Client.
  • Open New Check Wizard.
  • Select the Documents to check.
  • Choose Manual Config option: (detailed configuration tab appears)

Before changing ANY values you must click the following, otherwise changes does not take place!
1. Reset to Defaults.
2. Start Test.

Select one of the following options:

  • use automatic detection
  • use system default encoding
  • use custom encoding
  • use utf8 encoding
  • use iFilters

e.g. to select custom encoding for a text file:

Q - How to make sure that the encoding is correctly chosen?
A - Double click any document in Document Selector and you will see what the text will look like.
It must look like a desired text:
(in the example below automatic detection is used to get default Chinese encoding)

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