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Intend to purchasing
« on: October 11, 2020, 09:49:32 AM »
I want to purchase PRO version of your software. Before I'll make this I want to know the following:
1.  if I found that a portion of text is plagiarism from a particular website can I add that site to be process?
2. What is PDAS License? Is an extended database? Do I have to purchase extra?

Alexei B.

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Re: Intend to purchasing
« Reply #1 on: October 12, 2020, 01:40:05 PM »
Thank you for your interest in our software!
1. You can add a site to the "inclusion list" to be analyzed or you can add this to the "exclusion list" to not be analyzed. The later is often used to find where a document has been copied to - you exclude the valid site you have published the document at yourself and check for other sites. Both these lists are managed from a tab at the last stage of the Step-By-Step Wizard.
Besides, with enabled URL-quotation detection all text found at a given URL added to the document - will be highlighted as Referenced.

2. PDAS stands for Plagiarism Detector Accumulator Server. It is designed to maintain your own document database to check against.
It is a separate software that Plagiarism Detector can connect to to perform these types of checks.

PDAS is not required for regular Internet checks.
PDAS is required for Database checks only.

Plagiarism Detector can connect to PDAS, if there is PDAS on the network.

You can download the PDAS Demo from our site, currently it allows to store 1000 documents and requires Windows 10 to  run.
PDAS licenses are to  be purchased separately.

Feel free to ask any additional questions.