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PDC core version 799 - major update - sensitivity detection degree change


Mike Sanders:
+ most important: increased Plagiarism Detection sensitivity. We used a number of manually-rewritten documents to get the most optimal detection behavior.
+ default session option is reseted to "manually adding documents" at program restart.
+ large number of reports is now displayed with progress bar indicating their loading process.
+ filters in Report Viewer are reseted at form open stage. Thus fixed bug with incorrect Originality Report loading on active filters.
+ added more "Content-Types" to avoid resource processing due UnsupportedContentType error.
+ added "what's new in the update" - to the auto-update system linking to this board.
+ fixed Blue-Help buttons.

Known issues:
- support dropped for TC configuration and pre-sets. (we will fix\update this in 2 weeks approximately.)

We would like to thank lordlegion for extensive feedback and
provided files with rewritten sections - that helped us greatly to configure the new version!

Alexei B.:
Interesting fact: increased sensitivity for re-written plagiarism has a negative result for exact sciences texts (having big amount of formulas), resulting in false-positive results.
If you face this problem - please contact our support.


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