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Mike Sanders:
Plagiarism Detector supports 2 types of references:

2. Reference by URL.


Quotes are detected by a complex algorithm that is stable to incorrect quoting.
It will adjust itself with minimum error.

The following glyph pairs are supported by Plagiarism Detector:

--- Quote ---" " - ordinary double
' ' - apostrophe
« » - left-pointing double angle quotation mark \ right-pointing double angle quotation mark
‹ › - single left-pointing angle quotation mark \ single right-pointing angle quotation mark
‘ ’ - left single quotation mark \ right single quotation mark
‚ ‛ - single low-9 quotation mark \ single high-reversed-9 quotation mark
„ " - Romanian variant
„ ‟ - Romanian 1 double low-9 quotation mark \ double high-reversed-9 quotation mark
„ + Chr(148) - Romanian 2
„ + Chr(0) - Romanian 3
ChrW(8220) ChrW(8221) "can't be displayed!", "can't be displayed!" 'double low-9 quotation mark \ double high-reversed-9 quotation mark

Quotation marks in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean (CJK)
「 」 left corner bracket \ right corner bracket
『 』 - left white corner bracket \ right white corner bracket
〝〝 - reversed double prime quotation mark
〞〟 - double prime quotation mark \ low double prime quotation mark

'Alternate encodings:
﹁ ﹂ - presentation form for vertical left corner bracket \ presentation form for vertical right corner bracket
﹃  ﹄ - presentation form for vertical left corner white bracket \ presentation form for vertical right corner white bracket
' - fullwidth apostrophe
「 」 - halfwidth left corner bracket \ halfwidth right corner bracket
--- End quote ---

It is strongly recommended to correctly put quotation marks - this will ensure the correct detection and
align of the quoted sections.

You can disable or enable the quoting detection via the Check wizard interface.

URL references:

There is a setting called "Detect URL references".
If it is ON Plagiarism Detector scans the checked document and
extracts all the found URLs within. It will download the named resource and test it against the
original checked document for shared sections. It will mark all shared sections as referenced if found.

Exclusion \ Inclusion Lists

If you need to permanently add\remove any URL from analysis - use
Include\Exclude Lists.

More info:,317.0.html

References by DOI are going to be implemented soon.

Alexei B.:
Depending on the settings of the Plagiarism Detector Step-by-step Wizard "Referenced" may refer to:
- Text taken from any sources that are explicitly mentioned in the document by the means of their URLs. This is a called "Detect URL References".
- Any text between quotation marks. This is "Mark quoted text as referenced" setting.

All referenced text is marked blue in the report and on all charts.


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