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RDP session and Plagiarism Detector


Mike Sanders:
RDP session is supported only in Plagiarism Detector Pro.

But you need to manually configure PD to work correctly during RDP logoff.

You need manually make changes to main_config.xml file located typically:

"C:\Users\[user_name]\AppData\Roaming\Plagiarism Detector\main_config.xml"

You need to set: b_IgnoreSessionChange parameter to TRUE.
Otherwise Plagiarism Detector will terminate on RDP session disconnect.

Alexei B.:
Alternative way:

1. Run the software.
2. Go to Settings - Application defaults - Open Main Configuration File
3. Find the following parameter: <b_IgnoreSessionChange>false</b_IgnoreSessionChange>
4. Change it to <b_IgnoreSessionChange>true</b_IgnoreSessionChange>

If you don't have this parameter - try pressing Restore Default Config and opening the file again, or adding it manually.

5. Close the software WITHOUT saving changes to the file! Make sure the software is closed, not minimized to tray.
6. Save the file.
7. Start the software again.


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