PDAS Software Product Tour

PDAS stands for - Plagiarism Detector Accumulator Server

Q: Who needs PDAS?

A: Everyone who is in the need of running Plagiarism Checks against his own Database of documents: Faculties, Universities, Colleges, Individual Professors or Teachers, Digital Libraries, Editorial Broads etc.

Q: What can PDAS Do?

A: It can run Plagiarism Checks against large amount of Documents really fast.

Q: What I need to have to use PDAS?

A: You need to have your own Collection (Corpus or Database) of Documents that you will "import" to PDAS, and you are ready to run checks! Alternatively, you need an intention to build such a Collection.

Q: What does PDAS actually do?

A: It works in connection to any regular PDC - you install PDAS and PDC will activate an option to run Database checks. It is automatic. PDAS allows PDC to produce just the same Originality Report but this time it will be Database based.

Q: What are the options when running check against PDAS Database?

A: Either you can add documents "Clean Import", you can first search and then Import Producing Originality Reports, or you can just "Search".

Q: Can I use a free demo?

A: PDAS is free for first 1000 documents. However, you can purchase a License that suit your needs.

Q: Can I get more information about PDAS?

A: Check out PDAS features and functions information page.