OR Section: Plagiarism Detection Chart

Started by Alexei B., November 13, 2013, 11:47:44 AM

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Alexei B.

A special Chart that shows the correlations of different parts of the checked document. It shows the relative amount of Plagiarized part to the Original part of the document and Referenced part if any.

Original Part is marked in Green
All the text, that was not found to be taken from any sources after the check is considered Original.

Plagiarized part in Red
All the text, that was found to originate from some sources which were not referenced in the document is considered Plagiarized.

Referenced Part is in Blue.
Dependent on the settings of the Plagiarism Detector Step-by-step Wizard this may refer to:
- Text taken from any sources that are explicitly mentioned in the document by the means of their URLs. This is a default setting "Detect Active References".
- Any text between quotation marks. This is "Detect Passive References" setting. Please note that this is not a recommended setting!

Linked Part is in Yellow
Small sections of text between two Plagiarized fragments are considered linked and usually refer to altered Plagiarism. For example - one word added into the Plagiarized fragment.