Difference in cost between individual and institutional licensing

Started by Mike Sanders, November 13, 2013, 12:42:00 PM

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Mike Sanders

Our pricing varies greatly.

For individual usage we have fixed pricing for each product:

Plagiarism Detector: http://www.plagiarism-detector.com/plagiarism-detector-buy-now.php
Plagiarism Detector Accumulator Server: http://www.plagiarism-detector.com/plagiarism-detector-accumulator-server-subscriptions.php

Institutional licenses start from 500 (subject to change, we decide for each client separately) usd and up to 15000 (subject to change, we decide for each client separately) usd.
We form quotes for each quote request individually.

What is the difference?

- You can purchase an individual license for your personal needs.
- If you use our products in your organization or for business purposes - you need to apply for an institutional license.

- What happens if you purchase Individual license and use it in business scope?
- Our products report statistics per each user. We may cancel your license if we detect the violation of your policies.

Why so different?

- Our products are heavily used in institutions that generate profit, laterally - our products are involved.
- Our products are used by multiple users.
- We do provide quality support.
- These are mostly single-time purchase licenses, in most cases they are cheaper than subscription based ones if you consider longer periods of time.

Lastly - our prices are competitive. They are not big, really.
Plagiarism Detector is a swiss army knife.