T-Comparator config in version 885

Started by dncom, August 14, 2015, 10:28:13 AM

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I cannot set the sensitivity level in the T-Comparator config settings. This was a powerful feature in the earlier version and one which I used heavily. Please advise how I can set the sensitivity. The prior versions allowed me to do this. For example I could set the sensitivity to 50%. This version defaults to Exactness or something. Very confusing!! Even worse is that I was forced to download the latest version as PD would not start if I did not download the latest.
Please advise urgently!!

Alexei B.

The latest version uses a different detection algorithm, with this setting no longer available - to change the mode of detection we now need to alter not just one thing. This algorithm is much better in general, so we moved to it.

In this version we keep two possible settings: for re-written and for word-to-word Plagiarism. I will soon post a detailed explanation as to these, but in general: re-written is close to "maximum detection" on the previous scale, "word-to-word" - maximum exactness. These settings are results to extensive tests on big collections of Plagiarized  pieces and provided best results we could reach in the recent years.

We are sorry to hear this was so important to you and I will ask our RnD about the possibility to return some manual settings in future.

Force updating to the current version was needed due to some changes on the third side, that made previous version worthless.

P.S. Any other users in need of the manual settings - please inform us either in this topic, or e-mail to our support. The more people need it - the more urgent will be the task.


Thank you but it still does not address my problem. I bought two copies of the software and both are now useless to use in checking student assignments. The reason fore this is that I cannot understand the results as it shows high plagiarism where there is little or none. I tested it by passing through old assignments that had been tested on the older version. It now indicates a higher level of plagiarism than before but when I look at the comparison report, it does not indicate that high level.

Either bring back the old method of being able to adjust the T-camparator parameters or post a detailed explanation of how things work now and on how to adjust any settings. PD is now useless to me and I am investigating other software. I have also stopped recommending it to other lecturers.

Please do something to restore PD's integrity...

Alexei B.

Just discussed the situation with RnD.

1. Some kind of detailed setting to the T-Comparator is planned for the future.

2. Please provide a pair of reports (old-new) with a detailed explanation to what is wrong to our support e-mail (check forum PM). Our RnD requests that a problem is described so that we can be sure that "this" is what you are writing about. Screenshots may help much.

Any user-provided materials are used for internal testing only.