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Plagiarism Detector runs Checks against following Sources:

Internet (Google & Bing) + SciPap DB Internet (Google & Bing) + SciPap DB
Our Scientific Papers DB Check: SciPap Our Scientific Papers DB Check: SciPap
Your Custom DB Check [via PDAS add-in] Your Custom DB Check [via PDAS add-in]
Your Local Folder of Documents Check Your Local Folder of Documents Check
A Document Pair Check A Document Pair Check
A Document Pair Check Combined (Hybrid) Sources Check

Plagiarism Detector Features:

Many years of devoted development!

1. Your documents remain fully confidential:

  • Our servers do not store checked texts in any manner!
  • Your document is processed only at your own PC!
  • You control your originality reports, and only you!
  • Your privacy is our top priority!
  • No 3rd parties!

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  • License is a one-time purchase!
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  • No subscription!

3. This app is made to specifically tackle Plagiarism:

  • Many years of devoted development!
  • Multiple check types and functions!
  • Originality Reports management!
  • Anti-cheating engine!
  • No grammar check, no spellcheck, no scam!

We are happy to serve our Corporate Clients:
Alberto Chipande University - UNIAC
Faculty of Kinesiology University of Zagreb
Western Institute of Technology
Iloilo City
Makerere University College of Health Sciences
Partium Christian University
Oradea City
Al-Quds Open University
Scientific and Educational Innovation Center of Social Transformations
University of August 17, 1945 Jakarta
University of Fallujah
Lourdes College
Cagayan De Oro City

Languages for Plagiarism Detection:


English - is supported by Plagiarism Detector!

Plagiarism Detector: Why Choose It?

1. Unmatched Accuracy and Speed: Plagiarism Detector's cutting-edge algorithms enable it to provide results quickly without sacrificing accuracy. Our state-of-the-art technology guarantees comprehensive scans of your writing, pinpointing instances of plagiarism with unparalleled accuracy, even at the most subtle levels.

2. User-Friendly Interface: Plagiarism Detector's user-friendly interface accommodates users of all skill levels. There has never been an easier or more effective way to perform plagiarism checks, whether you're a professional, student, or teacher.

3. Extensive Coverage: Word documents, PDFs, and text files are just a few of the file types that Plagiarism Detector provides extensive coverage for. Whether you're examining research articles, academic papers, or web content, our technology guarantees careful examination to protect the uniqueness of your work.

4. Content Security and Privacy: At Plagiarism Detector, we take your content security and privacy very seriously. Your sensitive data is always safe with us because our application runs safely offline. You may confidently conduct plagiarism checks since you know that your data is protected from illegal access.

Our users say:
quote Rossi Rodriguez_img

It helped me a lot, I find the software exciting because it always improves something, I have had experience with other software, but yours is the most complete. And it recognizes things that others do not, this is more faithful to the academic reality.

Rossi Rodriguez

23, Researcher
quote Alex Grumezescu_img

Thanks for your amazing work! The new update is the best! Congrats!

Alex Grumezescu

21, Student
quote Δημήτριος Μηλιώνης_img

I am a registered user of your software (Happy to use it up to now)!

Δημήτριος Μηλιώνης

30, ScientistResearcher
quote Reis B._img

Wow, an amazing app. to make effective research. this app helps students and scholars to check their work easly!

Reis B.

33, ProfessorResearcher
quote Jorge Narvaez_img

Good evening, thanks for sharing this important program, it helps a lot and keep going!

Jorge Narvaez

50, Researcher
quote Adrian C._img

If count, I’d give 6 out of 5 stars note for support services!

Adrian C.

45, ProfessorResearcher
quote Marcelo Arnez_img

Your program is quite efficient, congratulations!

Marcelo Arnez

51, Professor\Researcher
quote Khang Nguyễn_img

In my opinion, your software is good!

Khang Nguyễn

39, Student
You are in a good company - thousands of satisfied clients:
You are in a good company - thousands of satisfied clients:

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Become one of the thousands of content users who depend on Plagiarism Detector to keep their work original. Our application gives you the ability to safeguard your work and observe the values of honesty and integrity, whether you're aiming for academic success, encouraging creativity in the workplace, or maintaining ethical standards in all of your professional pursuits.

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