Plagiarism Detector Return Policy. Return Policy Statement

This document is - Software Return Policy Statement. It is a part of Plagiarism Detector End User License Agreement. This statement covers the conditions, limitations and general order of returns / refunds in relation to all products of Yurii Palkovskii

In keeping with software industry standards, Yurii Palkovskii will gladly accept refund/return requests of Plagiarism Detector software within 7 days of purchase with the following conditions met:

  1. The client must contact Plagiarism Detector sales department or support service to request a refund/return at:
  2. The client must provide a valid reason for the refund request and assist our support service to troubleshoot any technical issue that resulted in the refund request in question if any.
  3. Yurii Palkovskii may provide 100% refund in case the purchase of our Plagiarism Detector product was made through our official payment gateway:
  4. Yurii Palkovskii reserves the right to retain a certain percentage of the initial purchase amount to cover the refund/return transaction. This may result in a partial refund. Yurii Palkovskii reserves the right to partially refund any order on its sole decision. The reasons for partial refund/return will be explained to the client in the most detailed way.
  5. Yurii Palkovskii reserves the right to decline any refund/return request in case the purchase transaction will seem fraudulent or any contact of financial information provided by the client is/was incorrect or inconsistent.
  6. Yurii Palkovskii reserves the right to decline any refund/return request in case product version underwent customization and was sold via custom contract.
  7. Bulk Licenses, Custom Contracts with organizations/institutions are not refundable/returnable. Please make sure that the products ordered meet your particular needs before purchase process takes place.

Yurii Palkovskii reserves the right to change this document without prior notice.

If you feel that Plagiarism Detector is not following its stated privacy policy, you may contact us at:

This document was last updated on Jan 1, 2024